NSE Active Clients in July Records Highest in 13 Months: Over 10 Lakh New Users

In a significant development, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) displayed remarkable activity during July, marking a notable surge in its active user base. As per the latest data unveiled by the NSE, the count of NSE active users on their platform soared to an impressive 3.19 crore in July, marking a substantial rise from the preceding month of June, where the figure stood at 3.09 crore.

In July, around 30 lakh new demat accounts were opened with two depositories, CDSL and NSDL, which is the highest since January 2022 and about 50 percent more than the previous 12-month average of 20 lakh. The total count has also hit a fresh high of 12.35 crore.

This substantial growth of 10.4 lakh active users within a single month constitutes the most substantial spike witnessed since June 2022, reflecting a resurgence in market participation. The National Stock Exchange observed an influx of more than 10 lakh new users, a remarkable feat especially given the backdrop of a continuous bullish trend in the market, driving its benchmark indices, namely the Sensex and Nifty, to unprecedented heights.

NSE ACTIVE CLIENTS 2023: Key Highlights of The Latest Data Report

  • NSE active clients in July marked the highest surge in 13 months, adding over 10 lakh new users.
  • The count of NSE active users soared to 3.19 crore, a substantial rise from the previous month’s 3.09 crore.
  • Market participation surged with the ongoing bullish trend, driving benchmark indices to new highs.
  • Opening of around 30 lakh new demat accounts in July, a 50% increase compared to the previous 12-month average.
  • The top five discount brokers control 61.15% of active clients; CDSL’s market share grows, solidifying its position.
  • The market’s robust performance triggers a surge in active accounts, highlighting the correlation between market trends and user engagement.
  • Despite a year-long decline, July’s surge in NSE active users reverses the trend, reflecting resilient market engagement.

NSE Active Users on Their Platform: Surging Growth Continues in 2023

The surge in active user accounts can be attributed to a multifaceted phenomenon. The prevailing upward momentum in the market, coupled with heightened engagement from smaller and mid-sized companies, has notably fueled this surge in NSE active clients in 2023.

The criteria for identifying NSE active clients involves individuals who have initiated at least one trade within the preceding 12 months. This criterion underscores the level of participation and involvement in the market. During July, the opening of around 30 lakh new demat accounts with CDSL and NSDL, the two primary depositories, marked a striking achievement. This figure stands at approximately 50 percent more than the average for the previous 12 months, highlighting a substantial uptick in market enthusiasm.

NSE Active Clients 2023: Notable Rise Driven by Market Enthusiasm

At present, the top five discount brokers control a notable 61.15 percent share of the active clients on the NSE. CDSL’s market share in terms of total demat accounts and incremental demat accounts continued to grow in July, further solidifying its position in the market landscape.

The connection between market performance and active user accounts is distinctly evident. An observable trend indicates that during market rallies, the number of active accounts consistently swells, a phenomenon that market analysts and experts affirm.

Over the past year, the average number of NSE active users had been steadily declining on a monthly basis, witnessing a reduction of around 6 lakh active users each month. This decline was primarily attributable to the market’s volatile nature leading up to March 2023. However, the surge in NSE active users on their platform during July has effectively reversed this trend, showcasing the resilient nature of market engagement in the face of evolving conditions.


The surge in NSE active users during July showcases a dynamic shift in market engagement. With over 10 lakh new users and a substantial increase in active clients, the National Stock Exchange’s activity reached remarkable heights. This surge, driven by market enthusiasm and bolstered by smaller and mid-sized companies, reaffirms the strong connection between market performance and user participation. As witnessed in July, the market’s upward momentum and continuous rally played a pivotal role in rekindling investor interest and propelling active engagement.




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