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With the availability of numerous investment options, the more you know, the better. Mutual fund investments are ideal for wealth building and income generation. You can meet your long-term and short-term goals with the right type of mutual fund. If you ask any expert for investment advice, they will tell you to learn more about your investment vehicle of choice. Especially beginners can make informed decisions right from the start when they know what they are dealing with. 

This blog explores some of the best books to understand mutual funds.

#1 Common Sense on Mutual Funds: New Imperatives for the Intelligent Investor – John. C. Bogle

This is one of the bestselling books recommended by the investment legend Warren Buffet. It is the right book for beginners, explaining every mutual fund term. Seasoned investors can also learn a thing or two from this book. 

#2 Indian Mutual Funds Handbook 5th Edition: A Guide for Industry Professionals and Intelligent Investors – Sundar Sankaran

Understanding mutual funds from the Indian perspective is essential because SEBI-regulated funds are specific to India. If you are exploring different investment avenues, you can find how mutual funds compare against these vehicles with the help of this book.

#3 Mutual Funds Ladder to Wealth Creation – Vivek K Negi

For beginner investors, this book provides excellent insights into using mutual funds to build wealth step-by-step. It helps you understand the nuances of mutual fund investing and enables you to make informed decisions. 

#4 The Mutual Fund Industry – R. Glenn Hubbard

The mutual fund industry has grown rapidly worldwide in the past few years, especially in India. This book sheds light on the growth potential of the mutual fund industry in the next few years. You will find answers to some critical questions about mutual fund investments in this book.

#5 How to Make a Fortune Through Mutual Funds: Hunt with the Hounds – Ashu Dutt

This book will change your perspective on mutual fund investments. You can break through fears and find the best strategies to invest in mutual funds for long-term success. If you want to harness mutual funds to gain excellent returns, this book can help uncover some common myths about mutual funds. It is an excellent beginner guide, explaining complex concepts easily. 

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#6 A Guide to Indian Mutual Fund Investment – Dr Susanta Kumar Mishra

It is well-known that mutual funds are subject to market risks. This book will help you understand the analysis behind these risks to invest wisely. There is no need to be afraid of equity investing. With this book, you can choose investment vehicles to benefit from the capital market. 

#7 Mutual Funds for Dummies – Eric Tyson

Mutual funds and ETFs are gaining popularity, and robo-investing completely redefines investment strategies. This book answers all your questions about the latest trends and technologies in mutual funds investing. Maximise your returns by avoiding common pitfalls. You will learn more about online investing, factor investing, and ESG investing from these best books on mutual funds. 

#8 Mutual Funds – Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Create Wealth using Mutual Funds – Gregory Becker

As a beginner, you can make the right investment decision without losing a lot of money if you learn the ins and outs of the industry. This book is written for beginner investors who know nothing about mutual funds. You will learn the best strategies to invest in stock markets and plan for your future through investment earnings. Learn the entire process of buying and selling mutual fund shares and tips to improve profitability with this book. 

#9 Mutual Funds Made Easy – Gerard W. Perritt

Novice investors looking for a step-by-step analysis of mutual fund investing will find this book helpful. This book highlights the importance of portfolio diversification and helps you create a clear financial plan. This book will teach you all the fundamental concepts, different investment strategies, diversification principles, and risk management techniques. 

#10 Mutual Funds Unleashed – Mohsin Khan

Are you seeking guidance on alternative investment avenues like REITs and ETFs? This is one of the best books on mutual funds for those looking for detailed advice on the latest mutual fund types. You will learn about hybrid and specialised funds and understand taxation complexities, cost management, and regulatory compliance with new-age investment options. This book also details international diversification so you can invest in funds beyond Indian mutual funds for better returns. 


Books have always been the go-to choice for anyone wanting to learn new concepts. The paperback books are ideal for traditional readers. If you prefer to read on the go, you can download the best books on mutual funds in India for beginners in PDF format and read on your tablet or Kindle.


Disclaimer: Investments in the securities market are subject to market risks; read all the related documents carefully before investing.