For IPO Applying Investors, Is GMP The First Priority?

Grey Market is the unofficial trading of securities that have not been officially listed on a stock exchange or traded through an authorized dealer. Investors interested in a company may consider Grey Market Premium (GMP) as one way to gauge the company’s potential.

Basics of IPO GMP

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a process where a company offers shares of its stock for sale to the public for the first time. This allows the company to raise capital, access more resources and expertise, and ultimately grow.

To purchase a share in the IPO, the buyer may need to pay more than the actual Initial Public Offering price if there is high demand for the stock. This is because the price of the stock is often influenced by supply and demand in the market.

What Determines the Price of an IPO on the Grey Market?

When a company’s stock is first listed on a stock exchange, the exchange usually assigns a “reference price” as a starting point for the stock’s opening price.

Once the stock begins trading, its price will be driven by supply and demand in the market, just like any other publicly traded stock. The Grey Market Premium (GMP) is one factor that can influence the price of an IPO stock in the grey market, but it is not the only factor.

Is Grey Market Premium Important for Investors?

The importance of grey market premiums for investors varies and depends on individual investment strategies and risk tolerance. For some investors, the premium can be an indicator of strong demand and high expectations for the performance of a security after it begins trading publicly, making it a potential investment opportunity. However, the premium can also indicate uncertainty and heightened risk, as the market price of a security in the grey market may be subject to greater volatility. Ultimately, investors should consider all available information, including the grey market premium, before making any investment decisions.

What Should An IPO Investor Consider?

For those wondering “why IPO Is important,” IPOs are one of the most popular ways for investors to invest in a company and reap the rewards.

In reality, there are two types of IPOs, viz:

  1. Fixed Price Issue: Here, the price offer is determined alongside its financial aspects, liabilities, and assets working over a fixed price after going through the quantitative/qualitative factors. This help to reevaluate the company’s terms effectively.
  2. Book Building Issue: This is a new concept with no fixed price, where one bids the share with the desired price. Hence, we see the fixed stock after the evaluation, leading to the demand for shares concerning the building of the book.

An investor looking to have a keen show on the GMP phenomenon can consider buying shares in companies on secondary markets and then apply for an IPO when the company has become mature enough and is now ready to go public, i.e., the primary market. 

Features to Look at While Choosing An IPO Company

The factors to consider before applying to an IPO company are:

  1. The Time
  2. The Country and
  3. The Type of Company. 

Time is important because many companies want an IPO but need a long time. And finally, the type of company is crucial because some companies cannot go public, unlike others.


Grey market premium refers to the premium at which shares of a company trading in the unofficial market before its initial public offering (IPO) are sold. It can be seen as an indicator of the market’s expectations for the stock’s performance after it begins trading publicly. However, the grey market premium is not a guarantee of future performance and should not be the sole basis for investment decisions. You also can take the help of the Best Online Stock Broker for Beginners before investing in an IPO. 

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