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Do you remember your aunt, mom, or grandfather dyeing their hair with the black packet hair dye? Or the times we fought over the “good knight” to keep mosquitoes away in our rooms?

Today, we’re discussing the multinational consumer goods company that supplies these most beloved household products.

Part of India’s Swadeshi Movement, it’s none other than Godrej Consumer Products Limited.

The company that gave us the most iconic and widely recognised brands, such as “Cinthol.”

Join us on a journey through time where resilience, innovation, and a commitment to excellence have shaped one of India’s most beloved FMCG companies – Godrej Consumer Products Limited.

Godrej Consumer Products Limited History

Here is how the most loved iconic consumer brand has grown over 127 years.

The Visionary Behind Godrej: How Ardeshir Godrej Started a Legacy Godrej Consumer Products Limited- (1897-1922)

Once upon a time, back in 1897, there was a man with a vision named Ardeshir Godrej. 

Now, Ardeshir had faced his fair share of failures, but he wasn’t one to stay down for long.

He undertook a new venture, laying the foundation for the legendary Godrej Group. 

With his continuous determination, Ardeshir established a lock company, sowing the seeds of a legacy that would span generations.

And just like that, Godrej captured the hearts of millions across India, firming its place as a household name.

And as for how long this legacy would last? 

Well, let’s just say it was only the beginning of an epic journey that would span generations to come.

Godrej Consumer Products Limited- Pioneering Spirit (1952-1997)

As India marched towards independence, Godrej Consumer Products Limited continued to lead the charge with revolutionary products.

1952: Cinthol Steps into the Spotlight

Think Vinod Khanna on a majestic horse or Virat Kohli busting moves in a locker room. 

Yep, that’s the energy Cinthol brings, becoming a household favourite faster than you can say “fresh.” 

With Godrej No. 1 by its side, Godrej Consumer Products becomes India’s soap sensation, ranking as the second-largest player.

1974: Getting Eco-Friendly

Way ahead of the green curve, Godrej Consumer Products makes another move.

This move wasn’t just about nature; it was a commitment to a greener, more sustainable India with ‘Godrej Good & Green.’

1981: Hair Dye Revolution

Enter the powder hair dye craze! 

Godrej Consumer Products rolls out its first-ever powder hair dye, sparking a revolution in hair colour solutions tailored just for us Indians.

1994: Translektra Joins the Party

Godrej Consumer Products makes a big move by acquiring Translektra and its famous brands like Good Knight and Hit. 

Protecting homes from annoying insects was now their speciality, the leading name in household insecticides in India and Indonesia.

1997: Celebrating 100 Years

A Century of awesomeness! 

Godrej Consumer Products Limited hits the big 1-0-0, but hey, we’re just getting started. 

Secret sauce? 

Always evolving while staying true to their roots—trust, integrity, and respect. 

That’s the Godrej way!

Godrej Consumer Products: The Evolution of a Global Brand

Godrej Soaps says “ta-ta” and splits into Godrej Chemicals and Godrej Consumer Products.

And that’s when the real fun begins!

2005: Going Global

But that’s not all! 

In 2005, Godrej Consumer Products spread its wings internationally, making waves beyond Indian shores.

2007: Innovating Like a Boss

It’s all about pushing boundaries! 

It introduced Good Knight Activ Plus—because who said mosquito protection can’t be customisable?

2008: Brighter Living, Brighter Future

Out with the old, in with the new! 

Godrej Consumer Products discloses its Brighter Living mission, promising innovation and reliability for over 500 million customers worldwide.

2010: The Big Merger

But the story doesn’t end there. 

Godrej Consumer Products ties the knot with Godrej Sara Lee, expanding its horizons and becoming a household name in household insecticides.

2011: Spreading Wings in Africa.

Partnering with the Darling Group, Godrej Consumer Products Limited dives headfirst into Africa’s hair care scene, making waves with its innovative products.

2013: Small Solutions, Big Impact

But amidst all the excitement, let’s not forget the small yet impactful innovations of 2013.

Who knew a tiny card could solve a big problem? 

Enter Good Knight Fast Card— a nifty solution to keep mosquitoes at bay without breaking the bank.

2015-2018: Growing Strong and Refreshing Their Purpose

Godrej Consumer Products Limited expanded its global presence by acquiring Frika Hair in South Africa. 

Additionally, it invested in Strength of Nature in the USA, broadening its portfolio in the hair care segment.

2019-2020: Hygiene Heroes

Now, let’s fast forward to 2019-2020 when Godrej Consumer Products becomes a hygiene hero in the face of COVID-19.

2023: Big Things Come in Mini Packages

Introducing Goodknight Mini—your pocket-sized protector against pesky mosquitoes, because staying safe shouldn’t break the bank!

Growth and Beyond: A Journey of Innovation and Dedication

And so, as the pages of Godrej’s history turn, their journey of innovation, dedication, and shared values culminates in a remarkable finale. 

With their eyes set on the horizon, their story continues, promising a future as bright and enduring as their legacy.

Introduction of Godrej Company: 4th Largest FMCG Company in India

Introduction of Godrej Company: 4th Largest FMCG Company in India
Introduction of Godrej Company: 4th Largest FMCG Company in India

Godrej Consumer Products is a leading emerging markets company. 

Started in 1897 as part of India’s Swadeshi movement, it’s been part of the Godrej Group for over 126 years, embodying the spirit of India’s ‘Make in India’ movement.

There are many ways to do business.

They choose the Goodness Way. 

  • Year of Foundation: Godrej was established in 1897 by Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej.
  • CEO and MD:
    • Godrej Consumer Products Limited: Sudhir Sitapati.
  • Executive Chairperson: Nisaba Godrej
  • Current Market Cap (Feb 6th, 2024):
    • Godrej Consumer Products Limited: ₹ 1,26,520 Cr
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
  • Products Offered: Godrej offers a variety of products, including locks, safes, typewriters, forklifts, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwaves, hair care, personal care, household care, health care, nutrition, animal feed, and crop protection. Additionally, they provide solutions in real estate and software.

  • Some of the brands belong to Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL):
  1. Darling: A hair extensions and wigs brand that operates in 14 countries.
  2. Kamasutra: A sexual wellness brand that offers condoms, lubricants, and deodorants.
  3. Goodknight: A household insecticide brand that provides mosquito repellents, coils, and vaporisers.
  4. Cinthol: A personal care brand that offers soaps, deodorants, talcs, and shower gels.
  5. ISSUE: A hair colour brand that is popular in Argentina and other Latin American countries.
  6. HIT: A household insecticide brand that offers spray, gel, and chalk products to kill cockroaches and other pests.
  7. Mitu: A baby care brand that offers wipes, diapers, and toiletries in Indonesia.
  8. Park Avenue: A male grooming brand that offers deodorants, shaving products, and fragrances.

Godrej Consumer Products Limited Subsidiaries

Subsidiaries of Godrej Industries Limited

  1. Godrej Agrovet Limited
  2. Godrej Properties Limited
  3. Godrej Capital Limited
  4. Godrej One Premises Management Private LimiteD
  5. Godrej International Trading and Investments Pte Limited
  6. Godrej International Limited

Godrej, a global presence spanning over 85 countries, serves over 1.2 billion customers with a revenue of 1.6 billion USD for FY 22-23. 

Godrej Consumer Products Limited: Performance Overview

Godrej Consumer Products Limited: Performance Overview
Godrej Consumer Products Limited: Performance Overview

Ranking as the fourth largest FMCG brand in India, here are the financial updates of Godrej Consumer Products:

  • Godrej Consumer Products Revenue: 1.6 billion USD
  • Godrej Consumer Products Market Cap: ₹1,26,520 Cr
  • Godrej Consumer Products Limited Share Price: ₹1,237

Source- Data shared as of 6th Feb-screener.in.

Godrej Industries: Forging a Path of Responsibility

For over 125 years, the Godrej Group has been at the forefront of social responsibility. Their vision, Good & Green, drives them to create a more inclusive and greener India.

From locks to global innovation, their journey continues.

Their commitment to sustainability is not just a goal but a journey towards a brighter future for all.

Cheers to Godrej Industries for blending responsibility with innovation, taking us closer to a world we can all be proud of!

FAQs | Godrej Consumer Products Limited

What are the products of Godrej Consumer Limited?

Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) makes personal and household care products. They offer soap, hair dye, toiletries, liquid detergents, air fresheners, etc.

Who is the owner of the Godrej company?

The Godrej company is owned and managed by the Godrej family, who founded the Godrej Group in 1897. Nisaba Godrej serves as the current chairperson of the Godrej Group.

Is Godrej an Indian brand?

Yes, Godrej is an Indian brand established by Ardeshir and Pirojsha Godrej in Mumbai, Maharashtra, in 1897, rooted in India’s Independence and Swadeshi movement. It has a global presence in over 85 countries, serving over 1.2 billion customers. 

Source- godrejcp.com


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