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Have you finished paying your LIC policy and are wondering how to get the money back? Do you want an easy way to claim your life insurance maturity amount online?

In this blog, we will guide you through the steps and documents required to claim your LIC maturity amount online. You can also check the different types of LIC claims, such as death claims, double accident benefits, and disability benefits, and know how to check your LIC policy status online or offline. 

How to Claim LIC Policy: LIC Maturity Settlement Claim Process

Life Insurance Corporation of India has laid down a simple LIC maturity claim process.

For instance, for policies like Endowment, the due amount is paid at the policy’s end. The Branch Office sends a letter two months before payment, asking for a completed Discharge Form, Policy Document, NEFT Mandate Form, and KYC requirements. 

Next, upon receiving these, the LIC maturity amount is processed in advance for crediting to the policyholder’s bank account on the due date.

However, certain plans, like Money Back Policies, offer periodic payments if premiums are paid up to the due date. For amounts up to Rs.500,000, payments are released without requiring a Discharge Receipt or Policy Document. Higher amounts necessitate these documents.

LIC Death Claim Process

The death claim amount is payable for policies with up-to-date premiums or deaths within the grace period.

  • The Branch Office requires Claim Form A, Death Register extract, proof of age, evidence of estate title, and the original Policy Document.
  • Additional forms, including Claim Form B (Medical Attendant’s Certificate), Claim Form B1 (if treatment in a hospital occurred), Claim Form B2 (completed by the Medical Attendant prior to the last illness), Claim Form C (Certificate of Identity and burial or cremation), and Claim Form E (Certificate by Employer for employed persons), are required if death occurs within three years from the date of risk or from the date of revival/reinstatement.
  • Certified copies of the FIR, post-mortem report, and police investigation report are required for accidents or unnatural causes.

Double Accident Benefit LIC Maturity Claim

To claim the Double Accident Benefit, which is an additional life insurance cover, the claimant must prove the accident as per policy conditions. Typically, documents like FIR and post-mortem reports are required.

Disability Benefit LIC Maturity Claim

Disability benefit claims involve waiving future premiums and additional monthly payments for total and permanent disability. To claim this benefit, the disability must prevent the insured from earning any wage or compensation due to the accident.

How to Claim LIC Policy After Maturity

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to claim LIC policy after maturity:

  • Submission of Discharge Form/Discharge Voucher (form 3825)
  • Presenting the Original LIC Policy Bond Paper
  • Provide a Copy of Identity Proof (PAN card)
  • Furnishing a Copy of Address Proof (Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving License)
  • Including a Canceled Cheque or a Copy of the Policyholder’s Bank Passbook
  • Completing the NEFT Mandate Form (for the direct transfer of maturity proceeds into the policyholder’s bank account)
  • Affixing a Revenue Stamp (with the policyholder or person’s signature across the stamp)

Things to Keep in Mind to Claim LIC Maturity Amount Online

  • Prior to submission, make a photocopy of the entire set for your records.
  • Discharge Form and NEFT Mandate Form are available at any LIC branch.
  • For Xerox copies, self-attestation is advisable. 
  • Include your current mobile number and email address to receive process status updates via SMS/email.
  • Finally, submit the complete set of documents to your home branch or send them via registered post/courier. The branch will verify the documents and transfer the amount directly to your account.

Documents Required for LIC Maturity Claim

Collect various identity, address, and date of birth proof documents, such as

1. Proof of Identity:


Ration Card,

PAN Card,

Driving License,

Voter ID, etc.

2. Proof of Address:

Ration Card,

Voter ID,

Driving License,

Aadhar Card,

Electricity Bill,

Passport, Bank Statement/Passbook, etc.

3. Proof of Date of Birth (DOB):


SSC Certificate,

Birth Certificate,

Mark Sheet issued by Government University or Board,

PAN Card, etc.

To check your LIC maturity amount online, follow these steps- For New Users:

  1. Visit
Step-1 Visit the url
Step-1 Visit the url

2. On the tabs visible on the left-hand side of your screen, click “Customer Portal.”

Step-2 Click Customer Portal
Step-2 Click Customer Portal

3. On the Customer Portal Login Page, Select the “Sign Up” option.

Step-3 Select the Sign Up option
Step-3 Select the Sign Up option

4. A new sign-up page pops up; add in all the mandatory details, including your policy number (printed in the policy bond), instalment premium (printed in the policy bond), date of birth (matching the policy bond), mobile number, passport number, PAN, select your gender, and fill in your email ID.

Step-4 Add all mandatory details
Step-4 Add all mandatory details

5. Tick the confirmation message on display.

Step-5 Tick the confirmation message
Step-5 Tick the confirmation message

6. Next, click on ‘proceed.’

Step-6 click on proceed
Step-6 click on proceed

Once registered, you can access the customer portal to retrieve information about your policy, including LIC online premium payment, online loan requests, online mode change, NEFT registration, address change, policy status, bonus information, and more.

Note- You can re-verify the details by clicking on the verification link sent to your Email ID after completion of registration.

Verifying LIC Maturity Amount Online – Guidelines for Registered Users

For those who are already registered, please proceed with the following steps:

  1. Visit
Step-1 Visit the url
Step-1 Visit the url

2. Enter your User ID/EMAIL/MOBILE and password to access your account.

Step-2 Enter User ID and password
Step-2 Enter User ID and password

3. Upon successful login, you will enter the homepage. From the multiple service tabs visible on your screen, click on the ‘All Policies’ tab.

Step-3 click on All Policies
Step-3 click on All Policies

4. Next, you must click on the ‘Policy Status’ tab from the left side menu of your screen.

Step-4 Policy Status tab
Step-4 Policy Status tab

5. Explore the available plans within your account.

Step-5 Avaiable plans within account
Step-5 Avaiable plans within account

6. At this stage, you can review your LIC maturity amount along with additional details, including the policy name, premium payment date, policy term, and more.

Step-6 Review all details
Step-6 Review all details

Consider the following points when evaluating LIC Maturity Sum online:

  1. Have the details of your LIC policy ready for submission during the process.
  2. Select a user ID of your choice during the online account creation, using a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters.
  3. Ensure that your account password is between 8 to 30 characters, easy to remember, and kept confidential to prevent fraudulent activities.
  4. When creating the account, fill in all the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk(*) for a successful account opening.
  5. Provide a valid email ID for easy communication and message conveyance.
  6. Choose a unique user ID for registration, as duplicate IDs may result in a lack of notifications.
  7. Remember, the maturity amount can also be checked offline by visiting the nearest LIC branch if preferred.

How to Check LIC Claim Policy Without Registration

To Check LIC Policy Without RegistrationSteps
Policy Status via SMSSend SMS “ASKLIC<policy number>STAT” to 56767877 from your registered phone number.
Policy Status– Policy Status: Send an SMS to 56677 from your registered phone number.
Premium Amount– Know Your Premium: Type ‘ASKLIC PREMIUM’ and send the SMS to 56677 from your registered phone number.
Policy Lapsed Information– Policy Lapsed: Text ‘ASKLIC REVIVAL’ and send it to 56677 from your registered mobile number.

These methods allow you to access information about your LIC policy or plan status without the need for online registration.

How to Check LIC Maturity Claim Without Going to the Office

To check your LIC policy maturity amount without visiting the office, LIC of India offers convenient options through mobile phones. Utilize the SMS Enquiry service for various services, such as Annuity Amount, Status of the existing plan or policy, release date of the last annuity, cheque return information, and existence certificate due.

  1. For Annuity Amount:
  • Send an SMS with the format: “ASKLIC<Policy Number>AMOUNT” to 56767877.
  1. For the Status of the existing plan or policy:
  • Send an SMS with the format: “ASKLIC<Policy Number>STAT” to 56767877.
  1. For the Release date of the Last Annuity:
  • Send an SMS with the format: “ASKLIC<Policy Number>ANNPD” to 56767877.
  1. For Cheque return information,
  • Send an SMS with the format: “ASKLIC<Policy Number>CHQRET” to 56767877.
  1. For the Existence certificate due:
  • Send an SMS with the format: “ASKLIC<Policy Number>ECDUE” to 56767877.

For all the above inquiries, you can also use the number 56767877. Simply SMS your query today.

Alternatively, you can SMS “LICHELP <policy number>” to 9222492224.

FAQs | LIC Maturity Claim Online

Can I claim the LIC maturity amount online?

Yes, you can claim your LIC maturity amount online by visiting the official LIC website, You can follow the steps mentioned above to file your claim. The claim will be processed within 15 days.

What documents are required for the LIC policy maturity claim?

For the LIC policy maturity claim, you need the original policy document, identity proof, proof of your address and proof of your date of birth. You can check the list of documents that can be used for each category, shared previously.  

How do I claim life insurance after maturity?

To claim life insurance after maturity, you must align all the documents including your policy doc, address proof and identity proof and follow the online or offline process to file your claim. The company will verify the details and documents before paying the claim amount.

How can I check my LIC policy maturity date online?

To check your LIC policy maturity date online, you must sign up/register on the LIC website. From the Customer Services tab, log in with your user ID, password, and date of birth. Choose the specific policy (Self, Spouse, or Child), click on the policy number, and you can check the maturity date of your policy.

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