New Demat Accounts in India: Surge Continues with Over 40 Lakh Opened in February

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In February, the Indian stock market witnessed a remarkable surge. The number of new demat accounts in India exceeded 40 lakh for the third straight month. Despite concerns raised by brokerage firms regarding high valuations in certain categories, investors remained enthusiastic.

Key Highlights| Total Number of Demat accounts in India

  1. Over 40 lakh new demat accounts opened in February.
  2. The total number of demat accounts in India now stands at 14.83 crore.
  3. In December, new demat accounts were about 40.90 lakh, followed by 46.80 lakh in January.
  4. Global worries like China’s economy and uncertainty about US Fed policies add to the market’s challenges.
  5. AMFI urges restraint in inflows into smallcap and midcap funds to mitigate potential risks for investors.
  6. Some brokerage firms express concerns about the expensive valuations of PSU stocks.

Driving Forces Behind Record-Breaking New Demat Accounts in India 

MonthNew Demat Accounts (in lakhs)

This table displays the number of new demat accounts in India in the past three months.

The bulls of D-Street continue to lure investors to the market, with the number of new demat accounts surpassing 40 lakh once again in February.

This trend reflects a persistent appetite for market participation among the masses.

Global Dynamics and Market Complexity

Amidst global economic uncertainties, the Indian market faces mixed cues. This includes China’s economic downturn and uncertainties surrounding the US Fed’s policy rates. These factors contribute to investor sentiment and decision-making.

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Cautionary Notes from Market Experts

Market experts emphasise the need for caution, warning against over-exuberance. Investors need to consider the importance of assessing market valuations prudently.

The report highlights potential overvaluation risks, particularly in low-quality companies.

AMFI’s Call for Restraint

AMFI, representing asset managers, urges restraint in inflows into smallcap and midcap funds. It aims to safeguard investors from potential risks associated with market downturns.

This call follows a recent communication from SEBI. As per recent directives, fund houses must provide additional information about associated risks.

While some brokerage firms express concerns about expensive valuations of PSU stocks, others foresee potential short-term momentum in the market ahead of elections.


The surge in new demat accounts in India reflects investors’ continued interest in the stock market. However, amidst this growth, market experts offer cautionary notes about making investment decisions. Traders should remain vigilant amidst warnings about overvaluation and potential market downturns. Short-term trading opportunities may arise, particularly with elections approaching, amidst market fluctuations.



Disclaimer: Investments in the securities market are subject to market risks; read all the related documents carefully before investing.