Online IPOs: Application, Process, and Much More

Every year, several IPOs take place. In recent years, this figure has become even higher. As a result, IPOs have become a powerful asset. People usually invest in IPOs to gain high profits.

So, let’s see how one can easily apply for IPOs and learn more about the online process for IPO applications. 

What is an IPO?

IPO is an abbreviation for Initial Public Offering. A corporation must become a public limited company to raise cash from the general public. As a result, the firm enters the IPO stock market for the first time. One can become a part of that firm by purchasing shares in it.

How to apply for an IPO online?

To apply for an IPO, you first need a Demat account. Let’s learn about the Demat account in detail. 

Do you remember the pre-electronics era? Then, you’d buy shares through an agent. The share certificate was proof of shareholding. 

But now the process has completely changed. Today, you need an online account called the Demat account, which stores all your shares electronically.


To open a free Demat account, you download Shoonya App.  It is a zero-brokerage trading platform where you can trade hassle-free are zero-commission.

Process of Online Application.

To invest in an IPO online is very simple. You can apply for an IPO online in two major ways. 

  1. Applying through Netbanking

You can apply for an IPO through your bank account itself. All major banks provide you with this option. 

  1. Applying through your broker

You can also apply for IPO in India through your broker website, where you have created your Demat account. 

The process of applying for both options is similar. You need to follow the following steps while applying for an IPO. 

  • Select the number of lots

The first step to applying for an IPO is selecting the number of lots. When you select the number of lots, the total amount of your shares is decided. You fall under the retail category if your investment is less than Rs. 2 lacs. On the other hand, if this amount is higher than Rs. 2 lacs, you fall under the HNI category. 

  • Select Bidding Price

HNI investors always have to go with the cap price, but if you are a retail investor, you can select your bidding amount. 

  • Entering Depository Information

Depository information is the information that your broker gives you about your account. You will find all these details in the CMR file of your Demat account.

  • Approval of Payment

The final step is the approval of the blocking of payment. The amount you’ve bid for is put on hold until the last day of the IPO. 

After that, your application is completed, and you just have to wait for the IPO results. 


Applying for an IPO through online mode is very easy. However, if you are new to this sector and need a platform to apply for IPOs, know about company risks, and review your application, sign up for Shoonya. 

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