Selecting HNI Category for Online IPO Application

What is HNI in SEBI?

IPO is a great option under the HNI category. Many retail investors in the IPO Share Market prefer to make higher bids in this section. When it comes to HNI stands for High-Networth Individual. They all come under the category of non-institutional investors. The categorization is vital as per the investment amount and unique methods made by the bidders in IPO Stocks NSE. 

Who is Eligible for an HNI User?

An investor who possesses a healthier fund and wishes to invest in more than Rs. 2 lakh is worthy of becoming a High-Networth individual. To make an investment, they should fill out an application for the ASBA (application supporting the blocked amount).

How to Apply for HNI Online?

Follow these seven easy steps to apply for HNI IPO online:

  1. Log into your net banking account 
  2. Find the IPO tab and click on the IPO application. 
  3. Go for the online IPO system tab. 
  4. Pick the HNI category as your default investment option. Here, the bid amount should be higher than two lakhs rupees. 
  5. Shouldn’t choose the cut-off price. 
  6. After the allocation of shares, the amount will be debited from the account. 
  7. It leads to the event of an oversubscription of the IPO as it is only a partial allocation. 

What is HNI Services?

HNI services are financial services or products that are specifically designed for high-net-worth individuals, who generally have a higher level of wealth or income compared to the general population. These services might include investment opportunities, financial planning, wealth management, and other financial services that are tailored to the needs and preferences of high-net-worth individuals.

Steps to Get Allotment in HNI Category

  1. Log into your bank’s online banking option
  2. Go for the ASBA IPO application
  3. Fill up all your details relevant to the IPO.
  4. Select “NII” as your default category. 
  5. Submit your application 
  6. After the approval of your application, you will find a unique application number.

How to Check HNI Status and Funding Cost?

Once you get your unique application number, you can track the HNI status. 

In case you need to find the amount of funding, this formula will help the most:

IPO Funding Cost = NII Oversubscription x IPO Price x (7/365 days) x (Interest Rate/100)

Final Thoughts! When it comes to HNI, it is always coming to undo er the section of Non-Institutional Investors (NII). Investment in the Best Online Trading Platform can help you succeed and grow your turnover while using the stock.