What is ‘Subject to Sauda’ in IPO Grey Market?

Overview of IPO Grey Market

The IPO Grey Market, also known as the “grey market for IPOs,” is a market where investors can buy and sell shares of an IPO (Initial Public Offering) before it officially lists and starts trading on a public exchange. This market operates in the “grey area” because it is not regulated and operates outside formal exchange platforms. It is a market where unofficial trading occurs between investors trying to speculate on the future price of the IPO shares.

When an IPO on Stock Market is about to hit the markets, always excitement & speculation come into Grey Market. One term you may come across here is ‘Subject To Sauda’. 

What Is Kostak, GMP & “Subject to Sauda”?

Kostak, GMP, is the price an investor can buy or sell shares in the IPO Grey Market. ‘Subject to Sauda’ means the trade is subject to the availability of shares. The demand and supply of shares in the Grey Market determine the Kostak rate. As a result, the price may vary daily.

It is important to note that Kostak rates do not guarantee that you will be able to sell your shares at the quoted price. However, it is a good indicator of how much demand there is for a particular stock in the Grey Market.

What Is ‘Subject To Sauda’ in IPO Grey Market?

‘Subject To Sauda’ in the IPO Grey Market is used when an investor is willing to buy shares in an upcoming IPO, but only if the price is right. It indicates that they are not committed to buying the shares at any price, but are willing to negotiate.

When an IPO is “Subject To Sauda”, the price of the offered shares may fluctuate due to demand from potential investors. The “Sauda” is a commitment made by the investment banks involved in the IPO to buy or sell shares at a set price, which can vary.

Is Grey Market, Kostak & “Subject to Sauda” Different?

In investment, the terms “Grey Market” and “Subject To Sauda” are often used interchangeably. These markets are sometimes called “Grey Markets” because they exist outside the formal regulatory framework for securities trading. As a result, these trades are not subject to regulation by financial authorities and, as such, can be considered riskier.

“Subject To Sauda” refers to making an offer to buy shares at a certain price, subject to the seller’s agreement to sell those shares at that price on a future date. This transaction is typically used in IPO markets and allows buyers and sellers to lock in a price for shares before they are officially traded on an exchange.

Wrapping Up!

“Subject To Sauda” in IPO contracts is a conditional offer that is not legally binding. Investors should be aware that the terms and conditions of the deal are negotiated and agreed upon by both parties before the contract is signed. Online share trading platforms can provide a convenient and accessible way to trade shares.

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