Apple’s India Expansion Plans to Boost Production Share to 25%

Apple is looking to raise its production share in India to up to 25%, according to Piyush Goyal, India’s Minister of Commerce and Industry. This move is part of Apple’s efforts to diversify its supply chain and reduce its dependence on China.

The company is reportedly in talks with the Indian government to set up a manufacturing facility in the country. Apple has already started assembling some of its iPhone models in India through its manufacturing partner, Wistron. However, the company is now looking to expand its operations in the country and produce more of its products locally.

India is an attractive market for Apple, as the country has a large population and a growing middle class. In addition, the government’s Make in India initiative, which aims to boost local manufacturing and create jobs, has also made the country more attractive for foreign companies looking to set up operations.

The move is expected to benefit both Apple and India. Apple will be able to reduce its production costs and reduce its dependence on China, while India will benefit from the job opportunities and economic growth that will come from having a major international company manufacturing products locally.

However, the move is also expected to face some challenges. India has a relatively weak supply chain and lacks the infrastructure needed to support a major manufacturing operation. Additionally, the country’s labour laws and bureaucracy can make it difficult for foreign companies to set up operations.

Despite these challenges, Apple is committed to making India a major manufacturing hub, and the company is working closely with the Indian government to overcome these obstacles. It will be interesting to see how this move plays out in the coming months and years and how it will impact the company’s regional operations.