Apply for IPO Online from a Private Limited/LLP Demat Account

Is A Pvt. Ltd. Company Eligible for IPO?

Yes, a private limited company can be eligible for an IPO (Initial Public Offering). An IPO is a process through which a private company can raise capital by selling shares to the public. In order to be eligible for an IPO, the company must meet certain criteria set by regulatory authorities, such as the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in India. Some of these criteria may include having a minimum track record of financial performance, meeting certain financial and corporate governance standards, and having sufficient shareholders and share capital.

Can an LLP Company Have a Demat Account?

Of course, Private Limited companies and an LLP institute can possess a Demat account to participate in the stock exchange. However, the company must be registered first. 

Steps to Apply for IPO

To apply for an IPO, a Private limited or LLP company should follow the following steps:

  1. Hiring an underwriter or investment bank
  2. Registration for IPO
  3. Verification by SEBI
  4. Please fill up the application and submit it to the stock exchange
  5. Creating hype in the market (followed by methods of roadshows)
  6. Pricing of IPO
  7. Allotment of shares.

An LLP Company Comes in Which Category?

LLP company comes under the alternative corporate business form. It is the one that offers limited liability as per the partnership and flexibility of a company. 

The existence of the LLP can go further, irrespective of any partnership changes. Such a company can make an entrance and hold IPO stocks as per its name.

Benefits of IPO for Pvt. Ltd. Company

  • Time Commitment
  • Rising of Capital
  • Easy Funding for M&A Transactions
  • Getting Higher Share Valuation
  • Reducing Corporate Debt
  • Maintaining Corporate Identity 
  • Better Brand Reputation
  • Distraction from Business and Wasted Opportunities.
  • Attracting and Retaining Employees

Does Pvt Ltd Require ASBA IPO?

The ASBA IPO was functional until all banks decided to end the availability of this option on 1st May 2022. Now, a private limited company can apply for the IPO under the Non-Institutional Investors category. 

Can A LLP Company Have A Demat Account?

Yes, an LLP company can open a Demat account to participate in the IPO bids. The IPO share market is open for both LLP and private limited companies. 

Also, a registered company can participate in the IPO stock market with the help of a Demat account created in its name. 


A Demat account is necessary to participate in Online Trading. When it comes to Pvt. Ltd. or an LLP company, each individual should apply for the Demat account in its name and can participate in the Best Trading Platform without any interruption. 

After all, online trading is not limited to individuals or professional bidders. Any company that loves to participate and makes its fortune here should apply for Online Share Trading

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