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When selecting an online stock broker, what’s the first thing you consider? The brokerage fee, right? When it comes to brokerage plans offered by any stockbroker in India, there are typically two types: flat fee plans and percentage-based brokerage. Whatever the case may be, the first step is to calculate the brokerage fees. You can easily calculate this using a brokerage calculator.

Now, what is the brokerage calculator and how is the brokerage calculated?

Let us take a look!

What is a Brokerage Calculator?

It is an online tool that allows traders and investors to calculate the brokerage charges they will incur on their trades in advance.

A brokerage calculator or stock brokerage calculator is often used interchangeably as terms. 

What is the purpose of using it?

It helps you understand the costs associated with your transactions before executing them. Thus enabling better decision-making and trade planning.

Why do you need a brokerage calculator?

It’s particularly useful for the Indian stock market, where different brokers have varied fee structures. Using a calculator for brokerage requires you to add some inputs like the buy/sell price, the number of shares, and some additional details to provide a comprehensive breakdown of costs.

Thus helping you choose the right online broker for your needs.

How is the brokerage calculated?

Stock brokerage calculator simplifies the overall process of calculating the cost of trade significantly.

Now, when we say this, there is something more for your aid:

There is a brokerage calculator for every trade: Equity, FnO, Currency, and Commodity.

  • Equity Brokerage Calculator
  • FnO Brokerage Calculator
  • Currency Brokerage Calculator
  • Commodity Brokerage Calculator

Depending on the segment, you can use an online brokerage calculator to make a quick estimate of costs.

How is the Brokerage Calculated?

Now, how is the brokerage calculated?

Let us understand the process with an example!

Calculating brokerage involves understanding the fee structure set by your broker and applying it to your trade transactions.

Here’s a basic formula to calculate brokerage fees:

Brokerage = Quantity of Shares(buy/sell) × Price per Share × Brokerage Rate/Percentage

The brokerage rate can vary depending on the type of trade (e.g., equity delivery, intraday, F&O) and the brokerage firm you are using.

For example, if you are buying 100 shares of a company at Rs. 200 per share and your broker charges a brokerage rate of 0.1%, the brokerage would be:

Brokerage = 100 shares × Rs. 200 per share × 0.1% = Rs. 20

Brokerage fee depends upon the brokerage plan your broker offers:

In India, there are two types of brokerage plans offered: flat fee plans and percentage-based brokerage.

You can calculate these using a brokerage calculator.

  1. Flat Fee Brokerage

Discount brokers in India offer a flat fee plan where they charge a minimal brokerage fee for trades, regardless of the overall trade value. This aligns well with their no-frills approach to trading.
With a flat fee plan, traders pay a fixed fee for every successful trade.
To calculate brokerage fees within this plan, the ideal brokerage fee calculation includes the following formula:
Brokerage = Number of monthly trades x Fixed fee brokerage x 12

For example, if a trader places 600 trades every month and chooses a flat fee brokerage plan where the broker charges a fixed fee of ₹20 per trade, the monthly brokerage would be ₹12,000, and the annual brokerage charges would amount to ₹1,44,000.

  1. Percentage-Based Brokerage

Stock brokers in India offer percentage-based plans where brokerage charges are directly proportional to the total value of trades – turnover.

To calculate brokerage fees within this plan, multiply the total turnover by the brokerage percentage.

For instance, if, as a trader, you have a monthly turnover of ₹400000 and the broker charges a brokerage of 3% of the total trade value, the monthly brokerage in this scenario would be ₹1,20,00

The annual brokerage would total ₹14,40,000.

By leveraging a strict policy of commission-free trading and zero-hidden costs, you can save ₹12,000 per month or ₹1,44,000 annually.

Utilise a free brokerage calculator to assess the transparency of the cost system.

Shoonya, one of the online stock brokers in India, offers zero brokerage trading across all trading segments, including stocks, mutual funds, bonds, ETFs, futures and options, currency and commodities across all the exchanges, including NSE (National Stock Exchange), BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange), and NCDEX (National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange)

How to use the Shoonya brokerage calculator?

To use a free online brokerage calculator, you can simply take four 4 steps: select the type of security, quantity, buy price, Sell Price and compute.

Step-1 Choose the segment you want to trade in (e.g., equity, futures and options, currency, commodity).

Step-2 Select whether you are doing intraday or delivery trading.

Step 3 Add the buy price, sell price, and the number of securities you want to trade on NSE/BSE.

Step- 4 Click on Calculate.

You can use the brokerage calculator to instantly check the transparency of its pricing policy for any trade you wish to make.

With our multi-asset trading platform, you can benefit from trading across various asset classes with ease, all at zero commission.

Brokerage Savings with Shoonya

Shoonya offers zero brokerage on all trades. 

  1. Zero brokerage on equity intraday and delivery.
  2. Zero brokerage on futures and options.
  3. Zero brokerage on currency and commodities.
  4. Zero brokerage on mutual funds.
  5. Zero brokerage on ETFs and bonds.
  6. Zero brokerage on IPOs.

What are the Benefits of Using the Shoonya Brokerage Calculator?

Using the Shoonya Brokerage Calculator provides the following benefits:

  1. Quick estimation of trading costs such as STT, Transaction Charges, GST, and SEBI Fees for every trade, helping you to plan your trades more effectively.
  2. Free access to brokerage calculator.
  3. Quick and easy-to-use intraday calculator. It provides an estimate of intraday tax charges in just a few seconds.

Why Should You Use a Brokerage Calculator?

A stock brokerage calculator offers several benefits.

  1. Clear Cost Breakdown: It provides a detailed breakdown of all the costs involved in a trade, including brokerage fees, taxes, and other charges. This transparency helps you understand exactly what you’re paying for.
  2. Saves Time: Calculating the costs manually can be time-consuming. This online calculator does it instantly, saving you valuable time.
  3. Helps in Planning: Knowing the costs upfront helps you plan your investments better. You can factor in the costs when deciding how much to invest.
  4. Aids in Comparison: You can compare the costs across different brokers and trading platforms, helping you choose the zero brokerage option.
  5. Accuracy: Manual calculations are prone to errors. A brokerage calculator eliminates this risk, providing accurate figures every time.
  6. Convenience: It is available online and is easy to use. Also, it is free of cost.

In simple terms, a brokerage calculator makes trading simpler, clearer, and more efficient for you. It’s a handy tool that supports smart investment strategies and financial planning.

Brokerage Calculator| Factors Affecting Brokerage Fees Calculation

Here is a list of factors that may affect the brokerage fee calculation using a brokerage calculator:

  1. Brokerage Rate: This is the main factor and varies among brokers. 

With Shoonya, you can enjoy lifetime brokerage-free trading.

  1. GST: Goods and Services Tax applied to the brokerage fee at a standard rate across India.
  2. Account Type: The type of trading account can influence brokerage due to the different services offered.
  3. Stamp Duty: Charged by the state where the trade is executed and varies from state to state.
  4. Volume of Transaction: The volume of transactions plays a significant role in brokerage calculation.

Simply put, the larger the volume, the higher the brokerage amount.


Understanding the intricacies of brokerage fees is crucial for every trader. Utilising a brokerage calculator simplifies this process, offering transparency and clarity in cost breakdowns. Whether it’s equity, futures and options, currency, or commodities, a brokerage calculator aids in making the right trades. 

FAQs| Stock Brokerage Calculator

Is brokerage charged on both buy and sell trades?

Brokers in the Indian stock market charge brokerage on both the buy and sell trades, but at Shoonya, you can enjoy a strict brokerage-free trading policy across all segments, including Stocks, Derivatives (F&O), Commodities, Direct Mutual Funds, Bonds and ETFs.

How is the brokerage calculated?

The brokerage is calculated based on various charges like STT, transaction charges, GST, and stamp duty, which are all factored into the final cost of trading.

What is a brokerage calculator?

A brokerage calculator is a vital tool for traders, allowing them to estimate and calculate all the costs associated with a trade before execution. This includes brokerage fees, taxes, and other transaction charges.


Disclaimer: Investments in the securities market are subject to market risks; read all the related documents carefully before investing.