Minor Applicants for IPO: Eligibility and Process

An IPO is a process through which privately held companies enter the public domain. It has become a stock market trend and a necessity for trading. They are the most famous investing vehicle as they are extremely simple to invest in, can create wealth over the long term, and have access to a plethora of research and data, among other benefits, which contribute to their popularity.

Can a minor apply for an IPO?

With certain requirements, a minor can be eligible to apply for an IPO. IPOs may also turn out to be a wise investment for the future of your child. This is an additional chance to start investing young, and it’s also an excellent time to teach your child the value of saving money and how it might potentially grow your wealth in the long run. 

According to Section 10 (32) of the Income Tax Act of 1961, you are entitled to an annual exemption of Rs.1,500 per child for any income derived from investments made in a minor’s name.

Minor refers to a person who is under the age of 18. While this age varies from country to country, in India, the legal age of adulthood is 18 years old.

How to apply?

We advise starting by putting these conditions in place before narrowing down the initial public offerings you wish to include in your minor’s portfolio:

  • Open a Demat account in the minor’s name.
  • To trade and profit from listing gains, the minor’s Demat account needs to be connected to the parent’s or guardian’s trading account.
  • The minor’s bank account should be registered to this linked account.
  • The Minor’s PAN. You may use the parent’s or guardian’s PAN if the minor does not have a PAN.
  • Double KYC should also be signed in the name of the minor and the parent/guardian.

You can finish the IPO application as usual once these conditions have been met.

What happens when the minor turns 18?

After turning 18, the minor has two options, either

  • Transform their minor Demat account to a major one by substituting their parents’ or guardians’ information, OR
  • Close their minor account and create a new one.

Should you invest in IPOs using your child’s name?

It’s crucial to understand why you’re choosing a certain investment, whether it’s an IPO or anything else. For instance, you undoubtedly know that IPOs can create wealth over the long term if you want to get a head start on your child’s financial future. 

NOTE-  If you want to invest in IPOs in your child’s name to gain a tax break, remember that any income the child earns will be combined with the parent’s income. You will then need to pay the necessary tax.

Final Note

Investing in an IPO in your child’s name is a viable option. It may be a starting point toward a stable financial future and encourage them to develop savings habits.

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