Reliance Jio’s Radisys to Acquire Mimosa Networks for $60 Million

Get ready to pace up your trading with the fastest internet connectivity that you are about to experience due to this new acquisition. In a significant move, Radisys Corp, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Reliance Jio, has announced they will acquire Mimosa Networks from Airspan Networks Holdings for $60 million on a debt-free, cash-free basis. Mimosa Networks, acquired by Airspan in 2018, provides a broad range of products based on WiFi 5 and the more recent WiFi 6E standards for point-to-point and point-to-multi-point connections.

Radisys Corp

A member of the Reliance Industries family and a world leader in open telecom solutions, Radisys Corp. Using open and disaggregated platforms and solutions, enables service providers to transform into digital experience providers. Digital endpoints, open disaggregated access, core solutions, immersive digital apps, and engagement platforms are all included in their end-to-end offering. Together with the aforementioned, its professional services division offers full lifecycle support to assist service providers in setting up and running highly scalable, high-performance networks.

The acquisition will see Mimosa’s product development, manufacturing, and sales teams of 56 employees continue with Mimosa following the acquisition by Radisys. With the acquisition, it will continue to promote Mimosa products to some of its customers as a reseller channel for particular joint 4G/5G and FWA projects.

About Mimosa by Airspan

Mimosa is a fresh kind of moonshot that reimagines how people will have incredible internet connection via wireless all around the world. It was developed right here on the ground. We’ve assembled the industry’s smartest professionals, who have expertise from some of the most transformative technology businesses, to take on a task of this size. Their enthusiasm is clear with the aim of not just increasing the number of individuals who have access to the internet but also improving, accelerating, and strengthening that access.

Mathew Oommen, President of Jio, said, “Acquisition of Mimosa will further accelerate Jio’s innovation and leadership in the production of telecom network products that deliver value to consumers and enterprises across the globe with cost-effective, rapidly deployable fixed and mobile broadband.”

The acquisition is intended to speed up Jio’s innovation and leadership in delivering affordable, quickly deployable fixed and mobile broadband telecom network technologies. Jio has been a significant customer of Mimosa. Use cases for Mimosa’s solutions can be found in the backhaul needs for 5G and FTTX/FWA rollouts.

This acquisition is a significant step towards strengthening Jio’s position as a leader in the telecom industry, and we can expect to see more such strategic moves from Reliance Jio in the future.

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