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Have you ever heard of names like Revital, a multivitamin, or the popular pain relief, Volini? These are just a few of the many products from Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. that have become household favourites in India. Sun Pharma products cover various therapeutic areas such as psychiatry, neurology, cardiology, diabetology, gastroenterology, and oncology. Since its inception in 1983, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. has grown to become India’s leading pharmaceutical company.

Curious to know more about how it all began? 

Let us take a look at Sun Pharma History today!

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.-Largest Pharmaceutical Company in India

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.-Largest Pharmaceutical Company in India
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.- Largest Pharmaceutical Company in India
FounderMr. Dilip Shanghvi (Chairman and MD)
Global RankWorld’s 4th largest speciality generic company
Business DiversitySpecialty portfolio, branded generics, generics & APIs
Specialty FocusFast-growing global speciality segment with a focused therapy approach
Emerging MarketsOperating at scale in over 80 countries
SubsidiariesSun Pharma has over 65 subsidiaries spread across the globe.
Manufacturing Facilities43 facilities globally across injectables, sprays, ointments, creams, liquids, tablets, capsules
Employee Count41,000+ global employee base
Market Cap₹ 3,62,851 Cr
Global Revenue (2024)$5.4 Billion
Source:,; data as of June 27th, 2024.

Sun Pharma History: A Journey of Innovation and Expansion

Since its humble beginnings in 1983, Sun Pharma has grown into one of the largest global companies in generic drugs.

Join us as we explore the rich history of Sun Pharma!

In 1983, Sun Pharma started with just five psychiatry products and a small marketing team of two. They set up their first manufacturing facility for tablets and capsules in Vapi, Gujarat, India.

By 1988, the company expanded its portfolio into cardiology with the launch of Monotrate and Angize.

In 1991, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. established its inaugural research center to advance its product development capabilities.

By 1994, the company had achieved a significant milestone with its initial public offering (IPO).

In 1995, production commenced at Sun Pharma’s API manufacturing plant in Panoli, Gujarat.

In 1996, Sun Pharma made its first international incursion, reaching customers in 24 countries. 

The acquisition of an API plant in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, further enhanced its production capabilities.

And now for a twist in the tale…

In 1997, Sun Pharma made strategic investments in TDPL and MJ Pharma, marking the beginning of its international expansion journey.

It also acquired Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories, USA, and established a new research facility in Mumbai.

Operations began at a new formulation unit in Silvassa, Gujarat, in 1998.

In 1999, the company acquired Milmet Labs. It expanded its manufacturing footprint with a new site for Cephalexin and 7ADCA actives.

The 2000 acquisition of Pradeep Drug Company strengthened Sun Pharma’s market position in India.

Here’s where things start to get really exciting…

In 2001, Sun Pharma inaugurated a new formulations unit in Dadra, India.

The company expanded with new units in Jammu, India, and Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 2004.

In 2005, Sun Pharma acquired a manufacturing unit in Bryan, Ohio, USA.

In 2007, Sun Pharma established Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company (SPARC) as a separate entity.

The company kept growing.

The 2008 acquisition of Chattem Chemicals Inc., USA, expanded Sun Pharma’s global presence.

In 2010, buying Taro Pharmaceuticals in Israel doubled Sun Pharma’s US business.


The founder of Sun Pharma had great foresight!

By 2012, Sun Pharma expanded more in the US by buying Dusa Pharmaceuticals and URL Pharmaceuticals’ generic business.

Brace yourselves for some major milestones ahead…

In 2014, Sun Pharma made a landmark acquisition of Ranbaxy.

Thus, it became the world’s fifth-largest speciality generic pharmaceutical company.

Sun Pharma expanded its presence in Japan in 2016 with the acquisition of 14 brands.

The acquisition of Biosintez enhanced its footprint in Russia and BromSite™.

In 2017, Sun Pharma introduced Odomzo, a speciality product, in the USA.

The 2018 launch of ILUMYA™ in the USA marked a breakthrough in treating moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis.

Here’s where Sun Pharma took some bold moves!

By 2019, its entry into the Greater China market marked a new phase of expansion.

And the adventure doesn’t stop there..!

In 2020, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. celebrated 25 years since its debut on the Indian Stock Exchanges. 

Further, it launched ILUMYA™ in Japan for plaque psoriasis treatment.

In 2021, the company also ventured into India’s nutrition bar segment with Revital NXT.

In 2022, it acquired the Uractiv portfolio from Fiterman Pharma in Romania, expanding its product offerings.

By 2023, it had acquired Concert Pharmaceuticals, USA, further strengthening its global presence.

In 2024, Sun Pharma became part ofS&P Global Sustainability Index.

Let’s uncover the next chapter in Sun Pharma’s remarkable journey!

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Completes Merger with Taro Pharmaceuticals- 2024

Sun Pharma announced the successful merger of Taro Pharmaceutical Industries with its subsidiary, marking a significant milestone. The merger, valued at $347.73 million, consolidates Sun Pharma’s ownership of Taro to 100% from the previous 78.5%. 

With this, the Registrar of Companies in Israel issued a merger certificate, leading to Taro’s delisting from the NYSE. Thus, Taro has transitioned into a privately held company under Sun Pharma.

But Sun Pharma’s journey doesn’t end here!

Sun Pharma: Celebrating Achievements Since 1983

Since 1983, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. has achieved multiple milestones.

In 2014, Sun Pharma earned a spot among the Forbes World 100 Most Innovative Companies. 

It was also honoured as the Cardiovascular Pharmaceutical Company of the Year.

In 2015, Sun Pharma received the India Pharma Research Development Award and accolades for excellence in CSR.

2016 brought prestigious awards like the DIANA Award and the Padma Shri for Dilip Shanghvi.

2017 recognised Dilip Shanghvi, the Sun Pharma owner, as Entrepreneur of the Year.

2018 highlighted Sun Pharma’s listing among Forbes World’s Most Innovative Companies and Best Employers.

2019 continued the recognition with Sun Pharma, which was listed among Forbes World’s Best Regarded Companies. 

It was also honoured for its impactful CSR initiatives.

2021 celebrated achievements with the Golden Peacock CSR Award, Dun & Bradstreet India Corporate Award, and accolades for innovation.

2022 reaffirmed Sun Pharma’s position as the #1 generic pharmaceutical company and its commitment to being a Great Place to Work.

2023 continued Sun Pharma’s legacy with ongoing recognition as a Great Place to Work.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. | An Overview

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (Sun Pharma) is a global leader in speciality generic pharmaceuticals. It has 43 manufacturing facilities worldwide. Sun Pharma delivers high-quality, affordable medicines in over 100 countries.

Here’s Sun Pharma Company Profile:

  • Founder of Sun Pharma

Dilip Shanghvi founded Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. in 1983.

  • Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd Owner

The Dilip Shanghvi family owns Sun Pharma, holding a significant majority stake.

  • CEO of Sun Pharma

Kirti Ganorkar, CEO – India Business

  • How many divisions in Sun Pharma?

Their portfolio includes over 2000 different molecules covering a wide range of therapeutic areas. It has 43 facilities globally across injectables, sprays, ointments, creams, liquids, tablets, capsules, etc.

  • Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd Subsidiaries

There are a total of 66 companies associated with Sun Pharma. These include, Aditya Acquisition Company Limited, Alchemee LLC, Faststone Mercantile Company Private limited, Foundation for Disease Elimination and Control of India, Green Eco Development Centre Limited, etc.

  • Sun Pharma Turnover

The company’s total revenue from operations for the Q4 quarter stood at Rs 11,982.9 crore, up 9.6 per cent year-on-year (Y-o-Y) from Rs 10,930.67 crore

  • Sun Pharma Products

It produces a wide range of medicines designed for both chronic and acute conditions.

Sun Pharma product list includes the following:

  • Generics
  • Branded generics
  • Specialty medicines
  • Difficult-to-make technology-intensive products
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) medications
  • Antiretrovirals (ARVs)
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and intermediates

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Sun Pharma’s Commitment to Sustainable Development

The CSR initiatives of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. focus on health, education, clean water, and sanitation.

  • Sun Pharma helps communities by meeting immediate needs and supporting long-term growth.
  • They focus on creating lasting effects through sustainable CSR projects.
  • The company maximises impact by efficiently using its internal resources.

Focus Areas and Recent CSR Projects of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

  • Sun Pharma’s partnerships have significantly reduced malaria cases in over 1200 villages.
  • They enhance educational opportunities by developing schools and implementing technology-driven learning programs.
  • Their mobile healthcare units serve over 565,000 people in rural areas.
  • The company promotes access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities in villages.

FAQs| Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

What is SUNPHARMA famous for?

SUN PHARMA, India’s biggest pharmaceutical company and the world’s fourth-largest specialty generic pharmaceutical company, is famous for products like Revital, Volini, etc.

Which company merged with SUNPHARMA?

Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. merged with SUNPHARMA, making Taro a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company.

Why was Ranbaxy sold to Sun Pharma?

Ranbaxy was sold to Sun Pharma for $3.2 billion primarily due to Ranbaxy’s regulatory issues. 

What is the rank of Sun Pharma company in India?

Sun Pharma ranks as the largest pharmaceutical company in India by market capitalization.,


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