Three IPOs Launching This Week: Know the Details of Fedbank Financial Services, Flair Writing Industries, and Gandhar Oil Refinery

As the financial landscape continues to evolve, this week promises a flurry of activity in the stock market, with three prominent companies stepping into the spotlight through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). Investors and enthusiasts are keenly awaiting the launch of Gandhar Oil Refinery India, Flair Writing Industries, and Fedbank Financial Services IPOs.

In the coming days, the stock market will see three noteworthy new IPO launches, each with its own story and potential. These IPOs are expected to attract the attention of seasoned investors and create a buzz among those looking to explore new investment opportunities.

Key Highlights

  • Triple Debut: Three major IPOs—Gandhar Oil Refinery India, Flair Writing Industries, and Fedbank Financial Services—are set to launch this week, sparking excitement in the stock market.
  • Diverse Sectors: Gandhar Oil Refinery India caters to consumers and healthcare, Flair Writing Industries specialises in stationery products, while Fedbank Financial Services contributes to non-banking finance.
  • Price Bands: Gandhar Oil Refinery India sets a price band of Rs 160-169 per share, Flair Writing Industries at Rs 288-304 per share, and Fedbank Financial Services at Rs 133-140 per share.
  • Varied Fundraising: Gandhar aims to raise Rs 500.69 crore, Flair targets Rs 593 crore, and Fedbank eyes Rs 1,092.26 crore.

Fedbank Financial Services IPO – Nurturing Growth in Finance

Fedbank Financial Services, a non-banking finance company, is gearing up for its public issue on November 22, featuring a price band of Rs 133-140 per share.

Overview of Fedbank Financial Services

The IPO, totalling Rs 1,092.26 crore, comprises fresh issuance of shares worth Rs 600 crore and an offer-for-sale (OFS) of 3.5 crore equity shares worth Rs 492.26 crore by selling shareholders.

Utilisation of Proceeds and Reserved Shares

Fedbank Financial Services plans to utilise the net proceeds to augment its Tier–I capital base. The IPO includes a reserved portion of Rs 10 crore worth of shares for employees, provided at a discount of Rs 10 per share to the final offer price.

Flair Writing Industries IPO – Crafting Success in Stationery

Flair Writing Industries, a Mumbai-based stationery products manufacturing company, is set to initiate its IPO on November 22, with a price range ranging from Rs 288 to Rs 304 per share.

Specialising in stationery products, Flair Writing Industries aims to raise Rs 593 crore through its maiden public issue, which includes a fresh issuance of shares worth Rs 292 crore and an offer-for-sale (OFS) of Rs 301 crore by the Rathod family.

Adjustments in Fresh Issue Size

Before filing the red herring prospectus, Flair had raised Rs 73 crore through a preferential issue. Consequently, the fresh issue size has been reduced to Rs 292 crore from Rs 365 crore.

Gandhar Oil Refinery India IPO – Unveiling White Oils for Diverse Industries

Gandhar Oil Refinery India, renowned for its production of white oils catering to consumer and healthcare industries, is set to debut in the public market. The company has fixed a price band at Rs 160-169 per share for its maiden public issue, scheduled to open on November 22 and conclude on November 24. Notably, the anchor book will be accessible to investors on November 21.

Introducing Gandhar Oil Refinery India

Gandhar Oil Refinery India, headquartered in Mumbai, serves diverse sectors, including consumer, healthcare, automotive, industrial, power, and tyre industries. The IPO aims to raise Rs 500.69 crore, comprising a fresh issue of Rs 302 crore and an offer-for-sale (OFS) of 1.17 crore equity shares.

Stakeholders and Offer Details

Promoters Ramesh Babulal Parekh, Kailash Parekh, and Gulab Parekh will partake in the OFS by selling 22.5 lakh shares each. Additionally, selling shareholders like Green Desert Real Estate Brokers, Denver Bldg Mat & Décor TR LLC, and Fleet Line Shipping Services LLC will exit the company by selling their entire shareholding.

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In the evolving Indian financial landscape, these new IPO launches present investment opportunities and signify growth potential across sectors. Investors, both seasoned and new, should closely monitor these offerings as they unfold, considering the diverse market contributions each company brings. 



Disclaimer: Investments in the securities market are subject to market risks; read all the related documents carefully before investing.