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Are you a fan of Johnny Walker or McDowell’s, India’s No.1 brand? Who’s leading the legacy of such names? In the heart of India, there lies a legacy that has aged as gracefully as the fine spirits it crafts—United Spirits Limited. It has been quenching India’s thirst for quality and sophistication. With roots intertwined with the global leader Diageo, it stands tall with refined heritage and progress.

The place from where over 200+ brands, including the most loved Johnnie Walker and the cherished Black Dog, come to life.

Let us walk down memory lane to look into the growth history of United Spirits. A name that resonates with the warmth of history and the promise of tomorrow. It is blended so exquisitely it’s not just savoured on the tongue but felt in the soul.

History of United Spirits Limited

The history of United Spirits traces back to the visionary leaders who laid its foundations. Icons like Angus McDowell, Alexander Walker, and Arthur Guinness deeply invested in both their craft and the welfare of their communities.

They dedicated themselves to crafting unparalleled beverage alcohol brands.

The goal?

Success and fostering growth opportunities for all.

Today, United Spirits proudly carries forward this rich legacy, guided by the same entrepreneurial spirit and unyielding determination. 

With each step forward, United Spirits honors the enduring legacy of its predecessors, shaping a future rooted in innovation, integrity, and impact.

United Spirits Limited: Company Overview

United Spirits Limited: Company Overview
United Spirits Limited: Company Overview
  1. United Spirits Limited Owner
    1. Chairman & Independent Director: Mahendra Kumar Sharma
    2. Managing Director & CEO: Hina Nagarajan
  2. Financials:
    1. Market Capitalisation: ₹ 81,994 Cr. (as of March 14, 2024)
    2. Revenue: Rs 6,962 crore in Q3FY24
  3. United Spirits Limited Brands: United Spirits offers over 200+ brands, including Johnnie Walker, Black Dog, Black & White, Vat 69, Antiquity, Signature, Singleton, Royal Challenge, McDowell’s No 1, Smirnoff, Ketel One, Tanqueray, and Captain Morgan.
  4. United Spirits Limited Products: United Spirits produces a wide range of alcoholic beverages, including Gin, Liqueur, Whisk(e)y (Scotch and other), Rum, Tequila, and Vodka.

It stands as one of India’s foremost beverage alcohol companies. It operates with a keen sensitivity to the needs of consumers, communities, and society at large.

As a subsidiary of the global leader, Diageo, United Spirit boasts a world-class portfolio. This features illustrious brands such as Johnnie Walker, Black Dog, Black & White, Vat 69, Antiquity, Signature, Singleton, and many more.

Diageo India has been established in India as United Spirits Limited (USL). It enjoys listings on both the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Currently, United Spirits has 50 manufacturing facilities sprawled across various states and union territories in India.

Leading India Towards Safer Tomorrow

Diageo India aims to be India’s top consumer products company, earning trust and respect. They aim to make a positive impact on their company, communities, and society. 

Their plan, “Society 2030: Spirit of Progress,” is a 10-year action plan focused on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. 

Their main priorities are promoting responsible drinking, supporting diversity, and leading sustainable practices. 

USL believes in conducting business ethically to enhance life for everyone, every day and everywhere.


What is the company profile of United Spirits Limited?

United Spirits Limited (USL) is a leading Indian alcoholic beverages company headquartered in Bangalore. It’s a subsidiary of Diageo and is known for manufacturing, purchasing, and selling a variety of alcoholic beverages.

What brands are under United Spirits?

The company’s portfolio boasts over 200 liquor brands, with popular names like McDowell’s No.1, Royal Challenge, Signature, and Antiquity, and exports to over 37 countries. It also manufactures and markets Diageo’s iconic brands, such as Johnnie Walker, VAT 69, Black & White, Smirnoff, and Ciroc in India.

Who is the new CEO of United Spirits?

The current CEO of United Spirits Limited is Hina Nagarajan. She took over the role on July 1, 2021, succeeding Anand Kripalu.

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