Marico Limited| History, Company Profile, and International Presence

Have you ever thought about the history behind the household brands your family has relied on for years? From the coconut oil endorsed by our grandmothers to the health-conscious preference for Saffola refined oil. And what about products like Mediker anti-lice treatment and Livon hair serum? But did you know these household staples and more are all products of a single company? That’s right, Marico Limited it is.

Let us walk you through the history of Marico Limited today.

Marico Limited Company Profile

Marico Limited Company Profile
OwnerHarsh Mariwala
MD and CEOSaugata Gupta
ProductsNihar Naturals, Uttam Coconut, Saffola Total, Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil, Dry Fruit Oil, Hair Serum, and more.
BrandsParachute, Saffola, Hair & Care, Nihar Naturals, Mediker, Coco Soul, Livon, Beardo, Just Herbs, True Elements, and others.
Market Cap (1st May, 2024)₹67,034 Cr
Share Price₹518

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History of Marico Limited| The Journey of Innovation in FMCG

It all began in 1971 when, In the heart of entrepreneurial dreams, a young graduate stepped into a family legacy. Over the years, the coconut and refined edible oils market underwent significant changes, leading to the emergence of branded FMCG products in 1974. 

The 1980s witnessed a transition from traditional tin packs to plastic, signifying an industry shift towards modernisation.

As the 1990s dawned, Marico set the stage for a new era of corporate ethos based on innovation and purpose.

Let’s see how Marico Limited got started!

In 1971, a young graduate named Harsh Mariwala set his foot on a journey by joining the family business, Bombay Oil Industries.

By 1974, Harsh’s visionary mind began shaping the future of the company.

He introduced the concept of branded FMCG products, especially coconut and refined edible oils, in small consumer packs. He established a national distribution network for Parachute.

The iconic Parachute blue bottle made its first appearance, marking a significant innovation.

The 1980s witnessed a revolutionary shift in packaging as plastic replaced traditional tin packs.

In 1990, a new era began with the birth of Marico.

The company’s genesis coincided with a pivotal moment when 200 employees walked out of Bombay Oil.

Marico Limited’s leadership collaborated to create its first corporate mission and values document, emphasising the 3Ps of Marico.

In 1991, Marico expressed its identity and approach, launching Hair & Care, a non-sticky hair oil that redefined the market through contemporary packaging. The same year witnessed the national launch of Sweekar sunflower oil.

In 1992, Marico shifted its headquarters from the bustling Masjid Bundar bazaar to the upscale Bandra.

By 1994, Marico transitioned from being an exporter to becoming an international marketer, inaugurating its first overseas office in Dubai.

In 1996, Marico achieved another milestone by listing on the Indian stock exchanges.

The year 1999 brought a significant challenge as Marico faced a threat from an international giant. In response, the company launched ‘Parachute Ki Kasam’ and successfully defended its position. Marico expanded further by establishing its first overseas manufacturing facility in Bangladesh and acquiring Mediker.

In 2002, Marico ventured into dermatology-led clinics, marking India’s first unisex top-of-the-line clinics.

By 2003, Marico initiated a transformative step by setting up copra collection centres to procure directly from farmers, thereby improving their margins and lives.

In 2006, Nihar joined Marico’s portfolio, followed by the company’s expansion into Africa through acquisitions in Egypt and South Africa.

The year 2009 witnessed Marico’s public offering of equity in Bangladesh, a groundbreaking move for one of its overseas subsidiaries.

By 2010, Marico began its journey in Southeast Asia with male grooming products in Malaysia and skincare solutions in Singapore. Meanwhile, in India, Saffola introduced Masala oats, yet another innovation from Marico.

In 2011, Marico continued its innovation streak with the launch of Parachute Advansed Body Lotion and Parachute Gold Hair Cream. The company further strengthened its presence in Southeast Asia through acquisitions in Vietnam.

By 2012, Marico had become synonymous with styling for India’s Gen Next with its brand Get Set Wet.

In 2013, Kaya Skin Care business separated from Marico, establishing itself as a distinct entity.

In 2014, Marico’s group turnover surpassed Rs 5000 crore, reflecting its growing stature.

By 2015, Marico’s Market Cap exceeded INR 25,000 crore, showcasing its robust financial position.

In 2017, Marico expanded its digital footprint by acquiring Beardo and Isoplus, enhancing its presence in South Africa.

The year 2019 saw Marico’s Market Cap crossing 5000 crore again, signifying its sustained growth.

In 2020, Marico achieved a significant milestone as its net profit surpassed 1000 crore. The company also accelerated its food segment’s growth with the launch of Saffola Honey and Saffola Soya Chunks.

In 2021, Marico strengthened its digital presence further by acquiring Just Herbs, while its Market Cap crossed 75000 crore.

By 2022, Marico expanded its market reach in Vietnam by acquiring personal care brands Pure de Provence and Oliv. Additionally, the company ventured into the nutraceuticals category with the acquisition of True Elements.

In 2023, Saffola oats became the market leader in the oats category, marking another milestone in Marico’s journey.

Year-by-Year Advancements: History of Marico Limited

YearMilestones and Developments
1971Harsh Mariwala joins the family business – Bombay Oil Industries.
1974Introduction of Parachute coconut oil in consumer packs.
1980sShift from tin packs to plastic packs, pioneering industry-wide change.
1990Marico is established; corporate mission and values are articulated.
1991Launch of Hair & Care and national rollout of Sweekar sunflower oil.
1992Marico shifts headquarters to Bandra.
1994Expansion into international markets with an office in Dubai.
1996Marico lists on Indian stock exchanges.
1999Successful defence against international competition; Mediker acquisition.
2002Entry into dermatology clinics and skin care solutions.
2003Establishment of copra collection centres for farmers.
2006Acquisition of Nihar and expansion into African markets.
2009Public offering of equity in Bangladesh subsidiary.
2010Entry into South East Asia with male grooming and skin care solutions.
2011Launch of Parachute Advanced Body Lotion and other innovations.
2012Introduction of Get Set Wet styling products.
2013Demerger of Kaya Skin Care into a separate entity.
2014Group turnover surpasses Rs 5000 crore.
2015Market cap exceeds INR 25,000 crore.
2017Expansion into digital brands with the acquisition of Beardo and Isoplus.
2019Market cap crosses Rs 5000 crore mark.
2020Group net profit surpasses Rs 1000 crore; launch of Saffola Honey & Soya Chunks.
2021Acquisition of Just Herbs; market cap exceeds Rs 75000 crore.
2022Acquisition of True Elements and expansion in Vietnam.
2023Entry into nutraceuticals with the acquisition of PLix; Saffola oats become a market leader.

Each year brought its own set of challenges and opportunities for Marico, contributing to its growth and diversification across industries and geographies.

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Marico Limited| Company Overview

Marico Limited is a name that touches the lives of 1 out of every 3 Indians. This all is becuase of our favorites like Parachute, Saffola, and Hair & Care.

Not just confined to India’s borders, Marico spreads its influence across the globe, with its international portfolio contributing a hefty 25% to the company’s revenue.

With a footprint in over 25 countries, Marico’s reach is truly remarkable, with seven factories humming with activity across India.

Company Profile

Marico MD and CEO- Saugata Gupta

Marico Limited Owner– Harsh Mariwala

Marico Limited Brands-

Parachute Coconut Oil, Parachute Advansed, Parachute Advansed Body Lotion, Saffola, Hair & Care, Livon, Nihar Naturals, Mediker, Revive, Mediker Anti Lice Treatment, Coco Soul Foods, Saffola ImmuniVeda, Pure Sense, Saffola Honey, Coco Soul Beauty, Jataa Hair Growth Oil, Saffola FITTIFY Gourmet, Set Wet.

Marico Limited Market Cap– 67034Cr – 1st may, 2024

Marico Limited Share Price– 518

Marico Food Products List-

Marico Limited has expanded its presence in the food segment with a variety of products. Some of the food products under the Marico brand include:

• Saffola Oats: A healthy breakfast option available in various flavours.

• Saffola Honey: Pure and natural honey.

• Saffola Munchie: A range of ready-to-eat healthy snacks.

• Coco Soul Foods: A line of food products made from coconut.

Marico Products List

INDIA: Marico’s Product Portfolio
Coconut Oil
Parachute, Nihar Naturals, Uttam Coconut Super Premium Refined Edible Oil
Saffola Edible Oils
Saffola Active, Saffola Tasty, Saffola Gold, Saffola Total
Value-Added Hair Oil
Parachute Advansed (Coconut Hair Oil, Hot Oil, Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil, Jasmine Coconut Hair Oil, Ayurvedic Hair Oil), Nihar Naturals (Shanti Badam Amla Hair Oil, Shanti Sarson Hair Oil, Shanti Jasmine Hair Oil, Perfumed Coconut Hair Oil, ExtraCare Hair Fall Control Oil, Gold Coconut Hair Oil), Hair & Care (Olive and Vitamin E, Dry Fruit Oil)
Premium Hair Nourishment
Livon (Hair Serum, Shake & Spray Hair Serum, Color Protect Hair Serum, Serum For Dry & Unruly Hair, Hair Gain Tonic)
Healthy Foods
Coco Soul (Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Food Range)
Saffola Oats
Masala oats
Male Grooming & Styling
Set Wet (Hair Gels and Waxes, Deodorants, Studio X Range), Parachute Advansed Men (Aftershower, Hair Cream)
Skin Care
Kaya Youth O (Oxy-Infusion Range), Parachute Advanced Body Lotion

Financial Performance

In the fiscal year 2022-23, Marico boasted a turnover of INR 97.6 billion (USD 1.2 billion), achieved through sales across India and select markets in Asia and Africa.

  • FY-23 Revenue: INR 97.6 billion
  • Q4 FY-23 Revenue: INR 350 crore
  • Q4 FY-23 EBITDA: INR 393 crore

Global Presence

The international consumer portfolio contributes significantly to the Marico Group’s revenue, comprising around 25 brands across Asia and Africa.

Commitment to Growth

Marico’s commitment to sustainable growth has yielded impressive results, with a healthy shareholder return of 23% CAGR since its listing in 1996.

Social Impact

Beyond profit, Marico prioritises meaningful relationships with associates, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships that enhance both individual potential and the company’s bottom line. The Marico Innovation Foundation extends this ethos by supporting social enterprises.

Recognition and Awards

Marico’s dedication to excellence has garnered recognition from various quarters.

  • Recognized in the Leadership category of the Indian Corporate Governance Scorecard 2022 by IiAS.
  • Acknowledged by FSSAI for efforts in capacity development and food safety training.
  • Named the Best Employer of India – 2023 by Kincentric and Forbes.
  • Awarded Corporate Citizen of the Year 2023 by Economic Times.

Sustainable Milestones: Marico Limited’s Path to Environmental Excellence

Marico’s sustainability journey showcases remarkable achievements:

  • Certified carbon-neutral manufacturing units and significant water conservation efforts
  • Projects implemented with recycled content in packaging, promoting environmental responsibility
  • Two brands purposefully aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Ensuring ethical conduct through 100% completion of employee code of conduct training.

FAQs| History of Marico Limited

What brands are under Marico Limited?

Marico Limited’s portfolio includes famous brands like Parachute, Saffola, Hair & Care, and Livon.

What is Marico famous for?

Marico is renowned for its wide range of consumer goods in the health, beauty, and wellness sectors.

Is Marico an FMCG company?

Yes, Marico is a leading FMCG company in India, known for its products in food, beauty, and wellness.

Is Marico an MNC?

Yes, Marico is an Indian multinational company with a presence in over 25 countries across Asia and Africa.

What are some common products that Indians use from Marico Limited?

Common products from Marico Limited widely used in India include Parachute and Parachute Advansed coconut hair oils, Saffola edible oils and foods, Hair & Care hair oils, Nihar Naturals beauty products, Livon hair serums and conditioners, and Set Wet styling gels and hair care products for men.,


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